The Studio

NYH is a ceramic studio based in Brooklyn, open as a shared space since 2020.

Is the home to a community of ceramists and artists with different levels of experience and expertise.

A safe space where you can create, practice, fail, and grow.



We are an inclusive community-oriented, membership-only studio. We offer 24/7 access. We have no classes, so everybody can be dedicated to their work.

Contact us for more information. 


Firing Services

Firing is a vital part of the ceramic process and is available for members and non-members of the studio.

Non-members are welcome to bring their work to us when in need of firing services. They will be charged 12 cents per cubic inch, this includes bisque and glaze firing.

Things you need to know before coming:

  • You must schedule an appointment for the drop-off of the pieces.
  • Studio Firings are done to cone 6. You must provide an exact cone reference for the clay and the glazes you intend to use.
  • Studio glazes are not included with a single firing or kiln rental firing option.

Disclaimer and refund policy:

Please note that we fire to cone 6 (mid-range). At the moment this is the only option available for the glaze firing. Bisque firing is done to cone 05.

Payment must be made at drop off and no refund is available for breakage, cracking, or imperfect firing of any kind.

Please, come prepared with the list of items you are dropping off and their dimensions.

If you would like to estimate your firing cost, you should multiply LxWxH=Cubic inch. (Please note there is a 2″ minimum for height ) Then, multiply the cubic inch amount by 0.12 cents to get your dollar amount.